I am a geographer and political ecologist who specializes in the study of wetland policy and market-based environmental policy.  I have written extensively on wetland banking, ecosystem services, economic theories of value, and compensation under the Clean Water Act.

Dr. Morgan Robertson
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Geography
550 North Park St.
Madison, WI 53706
p: (608) 890-3815   f:

Curriculum Vitae.

Please see my “Ecosystem Services and Wetland Policy Links” page above for quick access to new reports and sources of information on the latest developments in environmental markets!  See also the Wetlands Policy Timeline I am building — eventually entries will have links to laws, cases, regulations and other material.

Also, check out Wetlandia: A blog about Ecosystem services, wetlands, carbon, geography, economics and nature.

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The background image is duckweed (Lemna) and watermeal (Wolffia) on an oxbow of the Wapsipinicon River in Linn County, IA.

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