The Oscar Geralds Trail, a Look Back

It was November 15, 2015, the third beautiful Sunday in November. My wife, Mary, and I had done the Auxier Ridge Trail and the Grays Arch — Rush Ridge loop on the previous two Sundays. We were pondering what to do that day, and Mary said “Why not do the trail named after Oscar?”. So we did, and had a great time. Since the last time I was there, the trail has been rerouted in places because of erosion. There are nice wooden signs made with a router to direct you. The sign designating the trail as the Oscar Geralds Trial still stands proud. The trail has good use — there were five cars in the parking lot as we were leaving.

When I got home, I started thinking back about the ceremony dedicating the trail to Oscar. A computer search brought up the invitation sent out to Sierra Club members (with Oscar’s name removed) for the event:
There was a little trick to get Oscar to the ceremony without him knowing what was going on. Larry Ridenour said he had heard of Pilot Knob and asked if Oscar would take him there. They arrived at the site, and if Oscar wasn’t surprised, he is a good actor. The event was exceedingly nice. We met at the trail head, had a brief ceremony including unveiling of the sign, and a hike to the summit. I asked Betty Hall to take my picture with Oscar as we neared the summit:
After the hike we moved to Natural Bridge State Park for dinner and a roast of Oscar.

The State Nature Preserves Commission has a brochure on the preserve:

Previously, to get to the preserve from Winchester on the Mountain Parkway, you would go to the Clay City exit and backtrack on KY 15. Now there is an exit for KY 974 from which it is about a tenth of a mile to KY 15. From there, go directly south to Brush Creek Road.